The Green Balloon

The Green Balloon
“Because green balloons are happy…”

This was the comment from my best friend as she embarked on a new life adventure. One that was exhilarating, scary, and joy-filled! I’ll never forget our conversation about the green balloon and the event thereafter. From that moment on green balloons have been a representational force in our friendship, in life, and in the pursuit of inner joy.

Therefore, I found it fitting as I start a new life adventure, to bring along the green balloons. 

On your mind

On your mind: Could it be an eating disorder

I was asked to be the responding mental health professional to a blog that supports parents in Northwest Arkansas. The NWA motherlode has a mental health column where individuals can send anonymous questions and a mental health professional will respond. The question I was asked to respond to was about eating disorders. While eating disorders are usually referred to a specialist, this question was mainly about symptoms, concerns, and ways to help communicate about the issue. Check out the link below for the full article.