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#MotivationMonday: Meet Margaret

#MotivationMonday: Meet Margaret

#MotivationMonday: Meet Margret

The alliteration was too good, I had to!

So, today I wanted to post about a good friend of mine named Margaret. However, I got stuck on how to highlight Margaret because I wasn’t sure how to do her justice. You see, Margret, completed her first FULL marathon two weeks ago. That’s right 26.2 grueling, sweat-filled miles of pavement pounding to accomplish a goal she had since 7th grade! Thinking about Margret checking this off her “bucket list” is truly amazing! I wanted to highlight her for her “wholehearted wellness” for obvious reasons but then it hit me how motivating Margaret’s marathon is because at any point she could have quit training, said this is too hard, or stopped at the half marathon point and said this is good enough (she joked this was her plan two weeks leading up to the race, but I knew better).

On your mind

On your mind: Could it be an eating disorder

I was asked to be the responding mental health professional to a blog that supports parents in Northwest Arkansas. The NWA motherlode has a mental health column where individuals can send anonymous questions and a mental health professional will respond. The question I was asked to respond to was about eating disorders. While eating disorders are usually referred to a specialist, this question was mainly about symptoms, concerns, and ways to help communicate about the issue. Check out the link below for the full article.