My Big Little Voice

My Big Little Voice

My little voice
says all kinds of things;
some of it is nice
but a lot of it is mean

My little voice
is an echo in my mind;
lingering throughout the day
when I want it to go away

My little voice
makes itself known;
when whispers become screams
it says hurtful things

My little voice
always puts its two cents in;
it tells what to think
over and over again

My little voice
is behind all my thoughts;
it twists them around
and spins me upside down

My little voice
is a shackle to my brain;
it creates in me shame
which formulates my pain

My little voice
is a constant moving clock;
the voice grows louder
with every tick and tock

My little voice
is that crack that I hear;
a break in my heart
that I’m falling apart

My little voice
forms my self-doubt;
it fosters my stress
and makes me feel I am less

My little voice
keeps me in the dark;
it didn’t want me to know
that other voices can grow

 My little voice
is not what I thought;
it’s something we all do
you have a little voice too

My little voice
never told me about control;
it never let me see
this didn’t have to be me

My little voice
is now more of a choice;
 I create what is said
and what flows through my head

My little voice
isn’t used to this change;
it’s a new way to think and feel
a different sense of what’s real

My little voice
still tries to get its way;
creeping into my thoughts
every single day

My little voice
demands to be heard;
 it continues to yell
So, I created a big voice as well

My big voice
wants you to know
your little voice is far from alone

My big voice
listen to what it hears
but now questions the whispers behind my ears

My big voice
wants me to spread this word
that your little voice won’t go unheard

My big voice
has to teach me to say
everything is going to change each and every day

My big voice
is learning a new speech
it’s something within my daily reach

My big voice
is scared just like you
because this voice is extremely new

My big voice
is not going away
like the little voice, it wants to stay

My big voice
wants you to find
your big voice that lives inside

My big voice
wants to reach out
because that’s what self-love is all about


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My big little voice is about our self-talk; our inner self-chatter.  It’s about acknowledging that sometimes we are our own worst critic. We can say awful and hurtful things. Day in and out, we listen and validate the hurtful self-creation of our own little voice. It’s not easy to tame the voice in our head, but it’s worth trying to tune out the negative contraband and tune into self-love. It's worth saying you are not alone. My big little voice is a quest to practice finding the bigger voice within.